Before getting started with your chosen coursework, please take some time to go through this brief Introduction to Moodle. You do not have a way to receive a text or phone call when Microsoft sends a two-step authentication code.Resolution: Make sure you have your smartphone for receiving text notifications. Please use the links below to go to your required courses. Enter the question text. Website: 2. Clicking on the unit name or image will take you to that unit’s homepage. Please, let me know if you have any questions or need assistance. Select the link to the module you want to use and you're ready to get started. This introduction is to assist you in effectively navigating the coursework and tools within Moodle. If the Universal Login for the SU Moodle Consolidated site does not work then contact the SUNO Help Desk below for support. I have reviewed and approved the entry. Moodle Find and Enroll in Courses; Student Forms; Lecture Timetable; Exam Timetable; 2020 Important Dates; Student Email; Online Student Services; Exam Papers; CMNHS OLSS; Lecturers; Moodle Course Request; Moodle Mobile; Get the mobile app District Online Textbooks and Applications. The course will also promote the idea of gathering best practices and artifacts throughout the teaching career, and the creation of professional dialogue around those artifacts within a community of learners.  Therefore, this course would be of interest and benefit to educators at any point in their teaching career.  Finally, the course will focus on the creation of e-Portfolios using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, which will also serve to add to teachers’ skill base when it comes to the infusion of emerging technologies into teaching and learning.“Building Your e-Portfolio” is a one credit, four week long course (30 hours).  It will be conducted online in a differentiated style, in order to address the learning needs of the adult participants, and to allow for multiple modes for reflection.  Participants will be encouraged to read, train independently in web-based tool of their choice, and to share their experiences and expertise within a community of practice around the topic e-Portfolios. Columns on the right and left sides of the center contain blocks that hold the Moodle features and utilities you use to build a great Moodle course. If a course has been developed previously, the course content can be transferred to the appropriate course section on Moodle. You are not logged in. Visit Moodle and log in with your normal network password and username. Dylai Staff a Myfyrwyr fewngofnodi uchod! This finds all the tests in Moodle and runs the… Teachers and students use their STPSB usernames and passwords to sign on. Technical support team: Turn around time is typically within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends. Welcome to PBS in the Classroom!!! ↑ All Staff & Students Log in! For guided assistance with Moodle, check out Moodle 24/7 video tutorials, COL’s “Recordings” of previous webinars, and COL’s “Upcoming Events” page for new workshops you can register to attend. Skip to main content. Courses are arranged according to colleges who offer them. I am looking forward to working with you over the next several weeks!! All faculty and students login to Moodle with the blue, “Login with Office 365” button at the top of Fresno Pacific University’s Moodle Login Page. Open source. The purpose of the CSIU MOODLE is for the delivery of CPE Credit Courses, other professional development opportunities, access to resources related to current educational initiatives, and to provide information about current events through the Event Calendar. Should you have any queries, please contact accordingly on the email addresses above. NOTE:It is strongly recommended that students registering for this course have a minimum intermediate comfort level with technology, and have successfully completed at least one online course.This course is online and available for 24 hours a day during the term of the course.  Participants have 2 weeks from the end of the course to finish work. Welcome to Moodle’s primary MoodleNet site, part of a federated open-source social network where educators can find each other and build collections of the best open educational resources (OER) in … All online and blended courses are offered through Moodle. The Login details will be given to you upon your return for your next semester this year, 2020. Log In . How do I transfer an old version of my course so I can teach it again? You can toggle between a list of units (sorted into In Progress / Future / Past) and a Timeline listing upcoming events for you in your units. Click on the Reportslink near the bottom of the page. Welcome to CSIU Moodle. Here you can find access to all of the course materials for the different pathways on the UNIGIS UK Programme. Home; Skip available courses. Welcome to the IU1 Fab Lab Curriculum Training. Welcome to the UNIGIS Moodle server. Herefordshire & Ludlow College - Moodle. Finding and Sorting Your Courses on the Moodle Dashboard. This course will be open from May 21-June 4, 2018. Resetting Password on Moodle. Click the Run testsbutton and wait. Unit 7: Equality and Diversity in Health and Socia... Unit 8: Individual Rights. On login in you will be directly linked to all the units (modules) you are registered for. Please drop you mentor/inductee post in the folder for the session you register for. Participants will utilize quick creations, text boxes, lists, clip art, photo techniques, masters, animation, transitions, YouTube videos, and sounds. All units you are enrolled in will show here, together with upcoming tasks and information blocks. Log in. The Moodle dashboard provides an overview of units in which you are a participant, as a student, an academic or other. Moodle also serves as a learning platform for traditional face-to-face courses, allowing faculty to share resources, post course announcements, collect and grade assignments, and more. To receive full credit for this course, you must complete all the assignments, including the course evaluation. Beginning Excel is for beginning spreadsheet users of all grade levels.  Participants should have some basic knowledge of computers.  Individuals will be shown through videos PowerPoint presentations, written lessons, and hands-on assignments how to enter data, navigate the Excel spreadsheet, modify a workbook, format data, use paste function formulas, and setting up a basic chart.  The final project will be producing a fundraising form.  A 20-question (multiple choice/true/false) pretest and post-test will be used for assessment.  All assignments, quizzes, and final evaluation forms must be completed before credit will be issued by the intermediate unit. Go to for additional professional development offerings. Your current browser is incompatible with this new version of Moodle. To reset your password, submit your username or your email address below. Please view the following video to learn how to find and filter your courses on your Moodle Dashboard: Finding and Sorting Your Courses on the Moodle Dashboard. Welcome to Moodle! Moodle will be unavailable from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Thursday, January 7th and again from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Tuesday, January 12th for system maintenance. Secure. You can go directly to Moodle at You can get more information from each of your unit conveners. On the dashboard each is unit displayed with: Get started today Powerful. If time permits, a screenshot or two might be helpful for some just to get a visual idea of what the question type does. Submit a ticket to the Center for Online Learning with the name of the course shell you want transferred and the name of the new course shell you want that content transferred to, and we will transfer it for you. Home. The center is your main course page, divided into weeks or topics/units containing your course content. Available courses. 1. Leadership & Assessment & Data Usage, P.I.L.L.A.R. Go to the upper right-hand corner and click (Log in) on either site to login. STUDENT COVID 19 REMOTE LEARNING STAFF COVID 19 REMOTE TEACHING Blended & Online Learning Effingham Unit 40 School DistrictMoodle Server . The world's free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in … ... Log in. Before you start If that doesn’t work, contact FPU’s Helpdesk at Moodle Demo Site. Username / email Password. For more information about Moodle units, see About Moodle units. Moodle is the official Learning Management System (LMS) at Fresno Pacific University. Faculty teaching a course that needs a Moodle shell should check Moodle to see if their course shell is already accessible. STPSB e-Learning Portal. Moodle@Uniten. If the shell is not there, contact Johann Weber, LMS Administrator ( All faculty and students login to Moodle with the blue, “Login with Office 365” button at the top of Fresno Pacific University’s Moodle Login Page. Students and staff can use Moodle to: access resources, including lecture notes and videos; collaborate in forums and messaging; submit coursework; take quizzes and assessments; As a student, how you use Moodle will depend on your units of study. What you see: What your learners see: Page path. Moodle units are released two weeks prior to the start of each term. If you are unable to login to Moodle, there are only a few reasons for this: You attempted to login by typing in a username and password rather than clicking the “Login with Office 365” button.Resolution: Click the blue, “Login with Office 365” button. If you are unable to login to Moodle… Moodle course shells for all courses are automatically generated at the time courses are scheduled through the Dean’s office with the respective school. 4. This should be the question you want the student to answer, and it must include all the information they need to calculate an answer. You forgot your Office 365 password.Resolution: Request to change your password when it provides this option by clicking the “Forgot Password” link. Unitec's eLearning environment - Moodle. 2. Start creating your online learning site in minutes! Other Moodle sites that you have access to are listed in 'Other Moodle sites'. If you are having any problems signing in or using Moodle then please use the IT Service Desk to log a ticket or alternatively contact You are not logged into your Office 365 account.Resolution: Log into your Office 365 account at Through exploration of a variety of web-based tools and options, you will determine how to create an e-Portfolio in a way which best suits your ongoing, professional needs. Usernames and passwords must not be shared with others. CMSC B - Principles of Programming. To make the most effective use of Moodle, you should: Log in regularly; Ensure you know how Moodle is to be used within a specific unit/programme by discussing this with tutors; Utilise the opportunities provided - follow reading links, participate in discussion forums, complete quizzes, read … More Information Cookies must be enabled in your browser Is this your first time here?  This course is based on PC format with emphasis on Excel 2007 through 2016.Â, If you have any technical needs please contact the Helpdesk at 724-938-3241 Ext:225. This is a 3-unit course required in the Diploma of Computer Science of the UP Open University. The course front page is divided into three sections. To visit a Moodle unit, return to the homepage of this website and select the Moodle link or icon next to the unit you wish to view. Unit 5: Promoting Health and Wellbeing. Directly using the UNE Moodle home page. Leadership & Human Relations. How can I get a Moodle shell for my course? Forgotten your username or password? This course is designed to provide you with the basic skills you will need to complete your course work while enrolled as a student. You are not logged in. Moodle. The links provided below will guide students on account creation and unit registration on moodle. How do I register for a Unit on Moodle? Our Certified Moodle Partners offer a wide range of training options that can be customised to meet your eLearning needs. Required assignments include: reading(s), discussion board participation, web-based training, pre and post assessments, and an individual final project in the form of an e-Portfolio which has been populated with a minimum of 4 teaching artifacts (1 per domain) and 4 reflections which correspond to the 4 artifacts.Students may expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week (for the first two weeks) reading, researching and participating in online group activities.  The following two weeks (10 hours) will be utilized for completing a project, the post-test, reflections, and course evaluations. The Moodle dashboard is the overview page for Moodle. On the dashboard, you'll see a list of the course and modules you're enrolled on. ISN Psychology Student Moodle. You are not logged in. Access Administration > Reports > Unit tests in 1.9 or Site administration > Development > Unit testsin Moodle 2.0 onwards 3. It is designed to teach students how to program or refresh those who know how to program, about the theoretical foundations of programming. Scores on the post assessment must be at least 80%. They will also complete a project: the creation of an e-Portfolio which has been populated with a minimum of 4 teaching artifacts, and 4 reflections upon those artifacts.  All e-Portfolios will be graded through the use of a rubric.Pennsylvania law now mandates that new teachers participate in a formal induction process for a period of three years.  “Building Your e-Portfolio” has been designed to give  you a flexible, 21st Century-focused learning option for completing the portfolio requirements set by the Pennsylvania State Department (PDE) in form PDE427. This is an online course. You will receive specific information concerning this course or workshop on the day before the start date. If you do not have access to it or changed your cell phone number for two-step notifications from FPU, contact FPU’s help desk at Unit 9: Healthy Living. Log in with an admin account. How do I create an Account on Moodle? Contact us FREECALL 1800 672 692 OR (02) 8573 6006. Moodle is the world's most popular learning management system. ↑ Distance Learners only, Log in here / Dysgwyr o bell yn unig, mewngofnodwch ymw . Login here using your username and password (Cookies must be enabled in your browser) go to the database or in the Moodle interface and check that the webservice type "\core\event\webservice_function_called" is not there Disable config and run the same webservice calls again This time, check that they are registered in the log table moodle. Beginning Excel is for beginning spreadsheet users of all grade levels.  Participants should have some basic knowledge of computers.  Individuals will be shown through videos PowerPoint presentations, written lessons, and hands-on assignments how to enter data, navigate the Excel spreadsheet, Leading for Effective Change: Common Core Transition (PIL), Understanding the Specialist Effectiveness Model (IU1 Staff Induction), School Law (IU1 Staff Induction) 10-18-2018, Data Informed Decision Making with Progress Monitoring, IU 1 Staff Mentor/Inductee Offsite session, PBS in the Classroom (IU1 Staff Induction), 2013-Year 3 Differentiated Instruction-OL, IU1 Induction: Teacher Effectiveness/SLO Overview, Inclusive Practices (IU1 Staff Induction), Year 2 Day 2 Induction Consortium Google Education, Year 1 Days 3 & 4 School Law and Technology Integration-(Day 3: School Law Section Only), Year 1 Days 3 & 4 School Law and Technology Integration -(Day 4:Technology Integration Section Only), Year 2 Day 1 Induction Consortium Inclusive Practices, IU1 Induction: Technology Integration for Educators 2018-Lozosky, Year 1 Days 1 and 2 Induction Consortium Course, Technology Integration for the STEM Academy Project, ESL 3: Observing, Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction 12/4/2020, ESL 1: Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language 12/4/2020, Observing, Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction (Revised), Developing Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity (Revised), Jo Beth - English Language Learners, Families, Community, and Professionalism (Revised), Tech Tools For the 21st Century Classroom, There's an App For That… Integrating the iPad into the Classroom, Using Instructional Technology and Media to Improve Student Achievement, Using Microsoft Publisher in the Classroom, Teaching Strategically-Making Adaptations and Accommodations for All Students, Teaching ELLs in the Regular Classroom Part 1, Positive Parent Relations: Strategies to Support Students, Differentiated Instruction Strategies for the Classroom, The Breakaway - Independence for Teachers and Students, Writing Strategies for the Content Area Teacher, Reading Strategies for the Content Area Teacher, Creating Rigorous Student Centered Interdisciplinary Activities, Teaching with Primary Sources for Every Educator, Preparing a Student-Centered Math Classroom, Effective Strategies for Student Engagement, Designing Classroom Games and Activities Aligned with Standards, Developing Young Strategic Thinkers & Problem Solvers, The Civilian Conservation Corps: A Success Story – A History and Ecology Case Study, Verbal Behavior Team Select Yr. 2 (Yr 1 Day 5 make-up), Writing Measurable Annual Goals and Progress Monitoring, Chartlytics: Using Precision Measurement to Support Students with ASD, Chartlytics: Precision Measurement and Progress Monitoring, Least Restrictive Environment: An Overview, Concussion: Legal Dimensions for Schools, Concussion: Vision Issues that Impact Academics, Concussion: Educational Impact, Return to School, and Accommodations, English as a Second Language (ESL) for Para-educators, Andy Warhol Museum: Andy Warhol 101 2016 - 2017, Andy Warhol Museum: Art and Autism 2016 - 2017, Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching, P.I.L.L.A.R. “Building Your e-Portfolio” is a course created for professional educators committed to the idea of lifelong learning and reflection.  The course will focus on identifying a rationale for creating an electronic portfolio of work, independent online training in the use of cutting edge e-Portfolio tools, and the creation of an e-Portfolio framework.  Participants will be assessed using a multiple choice pre and post assessment. Thank you. For help using Moodle, visit Moodle Help for Students. The Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program is a certification process designed to help you develop transferable knowledge and skills to be effective educators in today’s growing digital workplace. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again. Due to changes in our systems, you will require new Login details (Username & Password) to access Moodle and other of the University’s platforms. Moodle Having Problems? NWEA Login; Webmail; Administration and Schools; Family Connection (Naviance) Keystone Exam Online Test Simulation; Lesson Plan Template; Maintenance & Supply Request; Moodle Login; Printers; Quia; Sports Schedule; Teacher Training; Unit Plan Template This page contains useful information and links that apply to all ISN students. Access an online unit site by clicking on the icon in the UNEonline column for the unit you wish to access. Many thanks adding to the expanding options for question types and for sharing this plugin with the Moodle community. Using PowerPoint as a Multimedia Tool is a course designed for any participants looking for unique projects or teaching tools. SUNO Help Desk 2 nd Floor Information Technology Center 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday –Friday Email: Enquiry Form _____ All times and dates on this site are set to AEDT/AEST. A User ID and link to the course site will be emailed to you at that time, there will not be any additional electronic communications before then.